Wednesday, November 2, 2011

GBE 2 Week 24---Popularity

I was going to start this paragraph and blog with a "when I was in grade school..." then I realized that I had held on to the notion of "popular" much longer than that. It's only recently that I've truly come to understand that "popularity" can be deadly to you. It doesn't allow the things most important about you to shine through. And that folks is a real shame.

Most people love to hear that we're a decent person, a good friend, a good parent, good spouse, etc. In all honesty, those kind of comments make us feel good about ourselves. They give us what we feel is validation on a job well done. But who are we competing against? Wanting that top spot in the "land of popularity" is actually just asking to be put on display...spotlight shining down... to be judged. Society has really screwed around with our heads folks. As that saying went in the last century STOP THE MADNESS!

I have some extra luggage in my spare compartments, I have wrinkles, I screw up all the time and I have to learn a lesson in life yet again and start anew. That is called being human. I'm no longer here to meet your standards society. I'm not here to be your best buddy, the person with the best advise, the cleanest housekeeper. I am not some person you thought I was or you wanted me to be. And I can't be that person for any of you. I am only me. 

Popularity? Send it to hell in a hand basket with a cherry on top. I really could care less. I'm good here. Just being plain ole me. Thanks for stopping by friends. Remember you are important and you are loved. Have a good one and make it just being the wonderful you that you were created to be.


  1. YES! I've always said that I think one of the main reasons that I'm a happy person is that I don't give a fig about what anyone else thinks of me. Is it nice to be loved, liked, and appreciated? Of course. But really, that stuff is just frosting. If we like the person we see when we look in our hearts, we're just dandy.

    LOVED this one, Tai. And love you!

  2. Excellent post, well said - and I totally agree. I am happy to be me.

  3. Well, dang it! All this time I thought you WERE popular and now I learn you don't even know it or care about it. That's just fine with me, but ya know, acceptance is still something we all want, but as we gain maturity we realize it's almost always associated with self-acceptance.
    Very well done!

  4. Definitely, you nailed it.

  5. I simply love "send it to hell in a hand basket with a cherry on top!!" Amen!! LOLOLOL I love it!


  6. We can say we don't care about popularity or what someone thinks about us UNTIL it messes with us! Yup until that "no care" (apathy) triggers us and we really are "alive" about a situation. It takes a strong spirit to stand up and say NO..yup think thats when self acceptance SHINES and popularity is just really liking to be with yourself. :0) love this!

  7. The thing is, even a person who wins the popular vote in the US in the Presidential election, still has people who vote against him/her. So being 100% popular is an impossible goal, anyway.

    Seconding Kathy, I simply love "send it to hell in a hand basket with a cherry on top!!"