Thursday, October 27, 2011

GBE 2 Week #23----OWNERSHIP

There comes a time in life when we must take an honest inventory of ourselves rather it be health, relationships, mental, physical of spiritually...and in some cases all of the above. In order to do the "honest" part of the inventory, we have to take ownership of the good, the bad and the downright ugly that we all have residing inside of us at one time in our lives or another.

I have been going through my own inventory lately and in doing so, taking ownership of my thoughts, my reactions, as well as my actions. Taking ownership means taking responsibility, being accountable for all the "stuff" that makes up who you are currently. And hopefully, deciding to place a new and improved order for the stock you shall put on your inner shelves. We are worth spending a little more effort or mental money to get ourselves to a better place. There is always room for change and improvement in life. Always. Oftentimes we do ourselves a great diservice by thinking we are just fine the way we are, we don't need to's "the other guy" that needs to do the changing". WRONG.

Keep in mind what I said earlier, ownership of all things within us, that includes the good inside. Life can be a hurricane, sometimes a Category 5 one at that. We are the trees during the storm that have to bear the weight of the wind and rain...learning to bend but not allowing the storms of life to break us is a great lesson to apply in life.. By taking ownership of the good in you, that inner strength that you might not have even known you posessed can be lifesaving!

The miracles of life...they can be huge, such as a baby being born that has all the odds stacked up against it and sure enough, that baby pulls through and just thrives. Miracles can also be as small as a cocoon hanging from a branch that opens up and out flies a beautiful butterfly, or the tiny seeds on this Earth that blossom and become the very food sources that keep us alive and well. Creating your own miracles in life can be done by taking ownership of them. The "CPR" of miracles: 1. Command  2. Promise and 3. Risk. Command to yourself that things will get better, promise yourself and keep that promise of making that turn around the curve in life to a better way to live. To let your light shine!  To accomplish this we have to take risk, you must put yourself out there in order to get it done. Scary yes, worth bet! (shout out to Pastor David for the CPR's of miracles!).

Thanks once again friends for dropping by and visiting for a while. Always remember, you are important and you are loved! Have a great week and remember to make it count!


  1. You are important and you are loved too Taina.

  2. Beautiful! And every word perfectly selected and true.

  3. I know that you already know this, but I just love you to pieces, Tai. You have such a fair and decent approach to, well, to everything. <3

  4. The "CPR" of miracles: 1. Command 2. Promise and 3. Risk.LOVE THIS

  5. Great thought provoking post. Be honest with yourself? definately.