Thursday, March 13, 2014

Turmoil-Blogging Lounge

Life, it has it's moments doesn't it? The road of life at times is paved perfectly, no bumps, no sharp curves, no T's in the road causing us to pause, and no speed bumps, lumps, humps or tables (yes we have each of these signs in my city!). Then sometimes the road to life can be gravel, full of ruts, unexpected curves, a speed bump every quarter block, and turn arounds that make you dizzy. Journey's dealing with turmoil in the midst cause one to put a bottle of TUMS in the glove box or first aid kit!

It seems that life for the most part, from my own experience, is not complete unless turmoil is in the mix. Sometimes caused by our own actions/decisions. Other times, we might simply be caught up undauntedly in a drama not caused by us. But caught up we are. Ugly turmoil. Nasty little thing. 

Trying to handle turmoil the best I can, I have assigned each letter a meaning to concentrate on to better handle situations that arise. T stands for toughing it out, U stands for unity, R stands for resilient, M stands for march on, O stands for overcome, I stands for identify and L stands for love. We each are tougher than we think. If we look around, we see friends or family that will stand with us in unity to help us through the turmoil we must sometimes fight, we are a resilient form of life we human! Knock me down, I'll get back up. And when I get back up, I'll march on, taking a lesson from my fall, record it to memory and try to do better the next round. We have the capacity to overcome each hardship that befalls us in life. Sometimes that is a learned art, but it is obtainable and applicable. Identifying what pushes your buttons in life, what causes the hurt, then working on not allowing them to get to you so much helps. The last letter in TURMOIL for me stands for love. If we can love, than forgiveness comes, freedom comes. I've lost my grip on love a few times, but I always reach until it hurts to bring it back to the center of who I am. Love of oneself isn't always easy to do. It's not...plain and simple. But it is worth striving for...and never giving up on it.

I am beginning to believe that turmoil is planning on making itself comfortable in my life. So I have to gear up to identify it, understand it, conquer it with love. So bring it on. I'm ready for the next round.  Okay, maybe not. But I have my plan ready to put into action so that the darkness doesn't overtake me and I tread above the water until am am strong enough to make it back to the shore. Have a good day and remember, you are loved