Thursday, September 22, 2011

GBE 2 Loyalty

This week's assignment with the writing group GBE 2 is "LOYALTY". After thinking on this for a while I decided to write about the two things in life lately that have been a constant source of loyalty for me. I hope you enjoy my little story.

On nights when I can't sleep, I feel two things close by, one right beside me, warm and comforting, the other in my heart telling me that all things in life happen for a reason and that I do not walk alone on this journey called life.

When tears fall freely down my face and it seems that I can't get control of them, I feel that warm body next to me, instantly knowing I need some love and comfort. I also feel in my soul Him who tells me that He also is right beside me and won't walk away, no matter what I have said or done...past or present.

Days and nights when the pain in my body sometimes get to be so unbearable and I wonder if I am strong enough to stand it, or will it ever let up? Again, I feel that loving constant warmth that seems to know that I am in pain and might need a nudge to let me know I'm not alone at all...cuddling up next to me either in bed or on the sofa or recliner. And the quiet voice in my heart that says "child, have faith and hold tight; better days are coming". And I know I'll be okay.

My sweet Teaza, a gift to me 8 years ago that has been my constant source of unconditional love. She sits by my side on the floor, lies by my side in bed or sits in the recliner as I read. It doesn't matter to her if I'm happy, sad, crying, lonely, lost or hurting. She just loves me, is always glad to see me, understands when I can't be as happy as her. She just loves and loves and loves. If only we humans could learn from our furry friends what a better world it would be. And my Jesus...through Him all things are possible. Sometimes I forget that He is there and I ask for His forgiveness. When I get caught up in myself, my situation, my questions, my fears...I am learning to talk to Him more and more and put my trust in His capable hands. That God is in charge of all things, and His divine plan will be laid out for me to see if I just have patience and believe.

To have two such wonderful sources in one person's life...that is a blessing. I hope you have your source of loyalty as well. It sure does make the good days better and the not so good days easier to handle. Have a good week and are important and you are loved.