Monday, May 30, 2011

GBE 2- Week 2- Success

Well here we are with our second topic on the new GBE2 group and it's SUCCESS! I almost skipped out on this one, but those who know me, should know by now that I will usually take on a challenge. So here we thoughts in mind. I'm just going to let my little fingers tell a story.

It seems today's society is obsessed with SUCCESS. We live in such a fast paced world, everyone wants to be the big dog, rush, Rush...RUSH get to the top! Well I say slow it down a pace or two. It's nice to be at the top of your game...the game of being a good person. That is how my eyes view success. How about you?

I need to be able to look in the mirror and realize I am human. I am a work in progress. I will screw up, sometimes in a big way. The important thing to gain success to me is to see those lessons, apply those lessons to life and try not to jump off the same ledge again. Doesn't that sound so easy? Learn, apply, don't do it again. But it isn't always so easy is it? To succeed, we have to keep getting up, sometimes not ignore the scraped up knee, but apply some soothing ointment and allow time for it to heal a bit before we restart our task in life.  But ALWAYS restart the journey. And at times, we ought to be able to turn off the "noises" of life and just listen to our inner self and what WE need for ourselves to succeed on this journey we call life. For myself, I am a success if I smile at someone and get a smile in return, give a friend a call to tell them you love them or send a little note. Trying to remain a good person in a world full of folks telling you to retaliate, make em pay, give it to em isn't always easy. I'm taking it one day at a time, doing my best to do one of those things above and just be true to me, whether everyone likes that or agrees with my decisions. I have to be true to me to have success.

So stop beating up yourselves because you aren't the boss at work, or you aren't the President of the PTA,  you don't know how to cook, you aren't the best of housekeepers, or you can't find a job at the moment. That doesn't have anything to do with YOU being a success. Know that you were made with love, you were given the right to choose in life and that we screw up sometimes...but each of you is a truly are.

Have a great week my friends and remember you are loved.

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Expectations.GBE 2

I first have to say when I logged on and saw what this weeks topic would be...I had no doubt Ms. Nerd Words had me in mind! What can be said about expectations? Should we even have any of them? If we do, do we limit them to ourselves only? What if we PUT expectations on those around us? Is that playing fair? The questions in my mind on this topic could go on for quite a long blog my friends.

Let me tell you what my life lessons have been on this topic of "EXPECTATIONS" for me, and me alone. Limit them to ourselves. Yes of course as a parent, you will have expectations that your children bathe, eat the right foods, are polite, do well in school, etc. I speak of expectations on an adult level. I have found through experience that placing expectations on someone else in your life can and will probably lead to disappointment. Sometimes those disappointments are huge and can change the course of a life, or many lives.

Life isn't always fair...even when you go about life trying to be a person doing their best to survive in it. We don't always get a great car, that's where lemons come into play, our homes don't always end up being the "dream house" we envisioned in our minds. They have termites, warped wood, cracked foundations, gosh that particular list could be endless! Relationships no matter how strong they seem to be to your eyes or even to those eyes looking in, can crack at the seams and do what you least expected.....fall apart.

So for this girl at this time in my life...I will "expect" the sun to come up each day. I will give thanks that it has and I was around to see it. I will expect Taina (for those of you new to me it sounds like China!) to do her best to put one foot in front of the other and I expect her to be nice to those she encounters. I expect her to always keep in mind we never know what a person's walk in life has been and to not judge a book by it's cover. You'll miss out on a whole bunch of wonderful things if you go through life with expectations that life itself will let you down on a continuous basis. So for you folks out there, chin up, eyes forward and keep putting one foot in front of the other...the important thing is that I expect myself, is to keep going. Have a great week and are loved.