Friday, July 15, 2011

My Bakery

When I saw this weeks topic for GBE 2-BAKERY, I wasn't going to participate. I couldn't think of one thing to come up with. Then it hit me this morning. I wanted to share a story of a bakery in my minds eye. I have recently been witness to many friends "coming out of the closet" so to speak in sharing struggles in life they are about to face or are going through. How my heart aches for these friends and their struggles. So this story shall be a "coming out of the closet" so to speak for Taina. I will allow my fingers to do the typing and we'll see where it goes.

Recently my life went from content, happy and looking forward to a bright and promising tomorrow, to I'm not sure what tomorrow holds or where I'll be. Each day has been a struggle. Through God, close friends and family support, I am taking life day by day and sometimes moment by moment. It's been tough, I've gone from smiling and seeing the glass overflowing and able to always be the person to tell those around me to "hold on, the sun will come out brightly soon", to only having gray skies in life.  But enough of that, let's talk about my bakery.

I do have to start this tale out by saying I've started a new journey with God, getting to know Him much better, understanding the Bible and what it says to me, and trying to rearrange my life by praying daily to have eyes, ears, heart, hands and a mouth that are full of compassion, fairness, love and grace. So in putting together my basic recipe, God would have to be the top ingredient, with compassion, fairness, love and grace following. Each day as I start to put things together, thoughts of sadness, being vengeful, bitterness, despair and unforgiving things pop in my bowl (head or mouth) and I have to start anew on my dough. We can't put out baked goods with contaminated dough can we? It sounded like such an easy recipe, but gosh my hands are tired already from kneading, my arms tired from stirring and it seems my day has just begun.

Then of course there is the business itself. There are days when my sign says OPEN-COME ON IN, yet there are days when I will flip that sign to CLOSED-BE BACK SOON. Some people say "it's a choice" and yes it is..but for right now, it's a struggle and that is my truth. I'll be in a good place and then a thought will come to mind, I'll read, witness or I see something on the TV or hear a song on the radio that will just burst me into tears. I have thoughts that I'm not able to be a good pastry chef so why in the world try to bake anyway? Why would God entrust me with my own business to run? But I know that it's okay to feel that way. He loves me and He knows I can do this. What's important is to keep trying. Even those tiny steps help..they mean you moved forward.

Now to talk about customers. Oh yes, there will be those that come in with their noses in the air, ready to judge, thinking my shop's business would be much better and fun smoother if only run their way. My decor isn't fancy enough, my pastries don't look as good as the ones in the shop down the road. They might even throw an insult or two my way. I have to call to mind a saying I've tried to live by..."whatever floats your boat and makes you happy is okay with me, but please show me the same courtesy and allow my boat to go it's way as well". I have to allow these customer's not to detour me from my course, but allow them leave my shop, sending them on their way with love and light.  That isn't always easy. But it is the right choice to make for me and how I want to treat all customers that enter my shop. As for my regular customers, that's easy! They would forgive me if my cookies might be dry one day, or my loaves lumpy. They would be happy for me and how I'm trying and would stand beside me in love and support and want what I want in life.

Chef hat on-check! Apron tied around waist-check!  There might be flour flying all over the place, the kitchen is a wreck, you may see smoke (and possibly flames) coming out of the windows at those times when I loose track of the baked goods because I am feeling overwhelmed. But I will try to put that OPEN-COME ON IN sign up every day and keep it there. One day at a time, one moment at a time. Have a great week my friends and remember, you are important and you are loved.

Thursday, July 7, 2011

100 things to say

Love each other with all you have.

When you make a promise, keep it.

Don't let others view cloud your focus.

Try to do the right thing.

Apologize when you've done wrong.

Forgive when needed.

Have faith in your life, it is much more important than religion.

See the heart, not the package.

Validation is important in life.

Set your priorities in life in the correct order.

It's hard to face the clouds and see silver linings at times.

You aren't weird if you don't fit into that hole, the hole was carved incorrectly my friend.

We are all uniquely special.

Remember, you are loved my friends.