Wednesday, October 5, 2011

GBE Week 20--- BALANCE

Balance...what the heck is that? Beats me! I no more know about balance than the man in the moon. I am instantaneous, I can't balance my checkbook for the life of me, I don't follow the food pyramid (the new one or the old ones) for a "balanced" starts with the word DIE for Pete's sake!  I forget to call friends that are in hard times, I forget what months I'm on the food ministry (thank goodness for reminder emails), I forget to do the homework assignment for my class! Yeah-that word balance, the word gives me hives.

I went to services tonight and the topic was boldness, then the pastor went on to say (as I was getting my bold act all ready in my head) that sometimes we beat things into the ground and repeat and repeat and don't turn our focus on the man upstairs. Again, a balancing act. To be bold, but be bold about the right things...but what ARE the right things? Am I hearing me, OR am I hearing Him? Sigh...I am a work in progress. I think I will remain so until my last breath. Hopefully a work that is learning a better way to live, a better way to treat others and myself. But it seems to always boil down to a balancing act. And I think I have vertigo...of life.

Maybe the most important thing about balance is to keep trying. Don't give in, don't break during the storm but learn to bend. Believe in what you believe and don't stop trying to find that balance that works just for you. Hey, a girl can hope can't she? Remember you are important and you are loved. Have a good week my friends.


  1. What an honest and close look at you. Thanks for sharing this one. It might be that your balance is never being balanced. That's okay, you know. You are important and you are most definitely loved!

  2. You are a balance in progress! Keep trying and you will get to where you are wanting to go.

  3. You know how I feel about you. If you lack balance, my take is that's a pretty good way to be.

  4. ahh heck it's BEholding hehe yup in the eye of the beholder is bolder
    lol.....yup just BE!!!!!!!! and your joy won't be stolen!!!!! LOVE your balancing..its not an act

  5. We will remain a work in progress until the day we stand before Him, but as long as you continually see improvement, then you are definitely still on the right track.