Friday, November 25, 2011


I went to read Word Nerd's post and realized that she and I were on the same page this week. I was going to change my post, but then I decided she wouldn't mind and I would share a couple of stories from the past on uncontrollable laughter. The kind I love the most...good timing or not!

I was in high school, it was the Christmas holidays. You remember that time when you had a few weeks off from school right?. The "story" we told our parents was that we were going to the movies, then to the midnight movie...effectively extending our curfew by a couple of hours! SWEET FREEDOM FOR MANY HOURS! What kind of mischief could we get into?!?

As we drove along one of the teen passengers had the idea to go way out in the country. He knew of a spot off of the interstate that had a little road that led down the levee. A secret place where WE could see people coming, but they couldn't see us! BRILLANT! Unfortunately he didn't quite get the spot right, we turned off and went down the levee...without any road! The car ended up getting stuck and it would take most of us to lift it up just that little notch to get it unstuck and back on straighter ground. Mark, who is a life long friend of mine had night blindness..but that never stopped him. He got out and was lifting and pushing with the rest of us. After a while, he got a bit overheated so he took off he brand new suede and camel hair coat he had gotten for Christmas a few days before and placed it on the top of the car. After much heaving we managed to loosen the car and get it free. We climbed back in and took off. After a few moments, Mark started to shiver and realized his new coat was on top of the car. Just at that moment the coat went flying off...into the other lane and was run over by an 18 wheeler. Nope..I didn't say a thing. We dusted it off, put it back on him and sent him home...blind and unaware of the 18 tire marks down the back of his expensive new coat! I think he got grounded for about a month! We still laugh about that incident some 30 years later!

A few years back, one of my dearest friends lost her mother. At the funeral her and her 5 siblings insisted I sit up front with all of them during the funeral. Her mom lived in a tiny town where most of the folks knew everybody. My friends brother (who is extremely mischievious) decided that this little gossipy town needed something to talk about. Unbeknownst to me, he told a few key "gossipers" that I was the illegitimate child of their mom and they had just found out! I couldn't figure out why everyone kept staring at me and whispering. When he whispered the reason...I went into..not giggle, not laugh but SNORT mode of laughter! In fact all of us, but the eldest daughter who is very straight laced got the giggles. We never told her what had happened! I'm sure my friends mother was laughing along with us! She would have appreciated that kind of thing!

Laughter. I am glad it is one of our release mechanisms. I can't count the times when I've been in a situation and somehow something funny happens and the gloom and doom that was overhead disapates...even if for a brief while. Remember to laugh  now and again. It's good for your soul, good for those around's just a good thing in life. Have a great week my friends. Remember you are important and you are loved!


  1. OMG! I loved these stories! It seems that laughter happens A LOT at wakes and funerals. Who would have thought?

    You have some of the best funny stories, Tai. I think my favorite (though it's hard to choose) might always be the revolving door one and the retribution wasabi that followed. :OD

  2. You know her mother was laughing down at you clowns. Loved the semi striped coat. :)

  3. Especially enjoyed the story about your group getting the car stuck. Reminded me of a stunt my younger daughter and her boyfriend pulled, tho no coat was involved, just a brand new Camaro. Me--I was too much of a nerd to get involved in anything like that. : - )

  4. Yes Beth, everytime I pass that restaurant I think of those darn revolving doors! And my dad has a fear of wasabi...go figure!! LOL! Thanks for the nice comments everyone! Glad ya'll enjoyed the stories!

  5. Great stories, very vivid and totally imaginable in my head :o)

  6. Yes, you have given us something to laugh about!

    Enjoyed the "funeral caper" sure gave a few something to laugh about!

  7. Great stories and the car stuck thing is something either of my own children would have and could have done. It's just too funny in hindsight!