Wednesday, November 30, 2011

GBE Weeek 28-Topic BUCKET LIST

I wrote a bucket list once for this original group. It seems like such a long ago faded memory. So many things in life have changed since that innocent list was written. I look at the world differently..but that's not to say my list will have changed completely.

My list isn't necessarily in order of importance. They are in order of how they popped in my head! Here we go....

1. People would learn to understand others, place themselves in their shoes. The old saying "you never truly know what's going on in a person's life until you've walked a mile in their shoes." Put it into practice.

2. Forgiving would come easy for all.

3. Each person could see past all of the crud that sometimes people put in front of themselves, around themselves...sometimes knowingly...others times subconsciously to keep from hurting or having to deal with hurt. And we could just love. Plain and simple.

4. Children would never know hunger.

5. No person, big or small would ever know abuse of any sort.

6. That each day could begin and end for each person with laughter and giving thanks for what we have.

7. No more homelessness

8. Jobs for all

9. Greed would disappear and gratitude would grow

10. That there really was such a thing as happily ever after. Forever and always no matter what.

11. Politicians would truly work "for the people" and not for who lines their pockets.

12. That trip to New Zealand still sounds nice.

There is my bucket list. I could have gone on and on and on! But you guys have other Bucket List to take in don't you?!? Have a good week. Remember you are important and you are loved!


  1. There are no surprises on this list! Such a loving and giving person would make just such a list. Bless your heart. ♥

  2. I like how you mostly thought of others welfare over your own.. inspiring..

    so, you deserve the new zealand trip... :D

  3. You are a very thoughty and thoughtful person.

  4. 12 items on your list, and only one is strictly for you. THIS is Taina. If I ever come into a bunch of money, I'm popping for that trip.

  5. This is the most amazing bucket list I have ever read. You truly have a heart of gold. If only these things were at the top of everyone's list this world would be a much nicer place to live.