Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Intuition..Can you hear me?

This weeks GBE 2 assignment was to write a blog on the word "intuition". Once again I did an "ugh" because it seemed to be beyond my thinking power at the moment or more honestly, not anything I felt I wanted to write about!  So my friends as usual, the fingers will do the typing and together we will see where this one goes!

There are times in life when you walk into a situation and you get a feeling you shouldn't be there. Or perhaps you meet a person that everyone has spoken highly about and you get that thing in your tummy that this person just isn't your cup of tea. On the other side of the spectrum, we may meet a person or go to a location and feel that in this particular situation it"s like a second skin to us. It seems so adjustment time needed. Kind of like putting on your favorite old pair of jeans or PJ's. I refer to this feeling as my God voice. There have been times I listened with great concentration and obeyed it and was so happy that I did, but then there have been many occasions I decided I was just being paranoid, silly, or stubborn and went full speed ahead! To crash into that brick wall that was sitting there waiting for me. Yes indeed...I should have listened!

I don't know about you guys, but I am one of those gals that can make a decision and talk myself right out of it in a microsecond, only to end up doing what I first thought I should! Or I have been known to make a u-turn and head back home because of a split second decision. So indecisive! It has been rumored that this word has "female" as part of the definition in the dictionary! That seems unfair for females as many women I know go for it and don't second guess themselves at all! My thoughts are that it is more a matter of not trusting your inner gut feeling...that God voice! And if you don't trust, you can't make a good decision.

What I can tell you right now in this moment in my life is that my "God voice" is getting louder. It is telling me to TRUST, to be patient and the plans for me will all be laid out. However, it seems the flesh of me somehow gets ahold of a megaphone and keeps me walking a zig zag trail that goes in circles. Like when a person is reading a book and wants badly to skip to the last chapter to see how it will all come out. When that happens, I need to get myself quiet (well as quiet as my mind will allow!) and refocus. I remind myself that I know that I have the strength to conquer any task thrown my way-even if I don't feel that way in that moment in time.  I've had to fight for most things my entire life. This section in my life is no exception to the rule. And in the scheme of life in God's eye, this moment is a blip...not a forever feeling that I feel as a human. Easy? Not by a long shot. But I will forge ahead and put more and more trust in my God voice. For it does say "Trust in Him at all times…. pour out your heart before him. God is a refuge for us." –Psalm 62:8. God knows my heart, I know that. I also know that He knows EXACTLY where I need to go. All I need is for someone to send Him a Fed-Ex package filled to the brim with glowing chalk that way He can use it light the way to the path I should be on. And God, please remember that not only am I near sighted with a stigmatism, but now I need reading glasses on top of it all! Make that path glow, make it glow, make it GLOW!

So as for intuition, it seems to me some of us are more in tune with it than others...and that's okay. Not one of us is perfect, we are occasionally going to take a tumble. Get up and keep walking! Take one day at a time, and for those of us out there that struggle with our gut or God voice...let's try a little harder to believe in ourselves and what that inner voice is telling us! After all, those brick walls leave me with one big ugly lump on my forehead and a heck of a headache! Have a great remainder of the week my friends and as always, remember you are important and you are very loved!


  1. What a great way of puting it, Tai.... Your "God Voice". Love it.

  2. I loved this, Tai. We are definitely of the same mind this week (actually, we are often of the same mind) as I wrote about that little voice, too. And like you, I believe it is the voice of God.

  3. Thanks MA and Beth. I'm sorry I read the word incorrectly, but I do believe instinct and intuition kind of weave together in our lives!

  4. I agree with you, intuition and instinct are very similar and both do involve the God voice, which I also believe and try endlessly to hear.
    Great job. C:

  5. Excellent post, I also believe that little voice is God!


  6. I always read the end of a book so that I can better enjoy reading the path that takes me there. lol! Bad Eccentricity, I know. ;-)

    I've went to places and immediately felt at home--that's how I made a decision to live in Seattle and indeed I did love it while I was there. It will always be home.

  7. I change my mind that quick too lol it's so annoying for me!